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Review of Kratom Temple Canada

Kratom Temple Canada

Kratom Temple Canada claims that the best place to start looking for vendor reviews is on its own website. Thankfully, Kratom Temple Canada offers visitors a small number of reviews that give sufficient context for their company and their goods. Furthermore, all of their reviews have been confirmed by Trustpilot, so you can be sure that they were written by actual customers who have used the products.

For a kratom brand, the number of reviews on the company’s Trustpilot page is roughly 31, and they have an average star rating of 3.9 out of 5. For both quality and price, the majority of their products receive four-star ratings. The vendor’s items, according to some feedback from customers, have had no noticeable effects and are not of the highest quality of the product. 


Kratom Temple Canada also carries a variety of microdosing mushroom products, like those from Microdose Mushrooms Canada, such as Neuro Blend, Neuro Mood, and their microdosing chocolates.

Product Offerings at The Kratom Temple Canada

The Kratom Temple Canada website only has two primary categories for items. These consist of kratom extracts and powders. Customers can choose from seven various strains of their powders, as well as several packages, for a limited number of options. 

Some strains they carry are: 

Each option is offered in packages of 1 oz, 4 oz, 250 g, and 1 kilogram. Additionally, they provide three blends for customers to choose from: the Energizing Blend, the Relaxation Blend, and the Concentration Blend. These blends incorporate various kratom strains from their assortment.

However, the Kratom Temple Canada brand does feature a good number of various choices on their list of goods if you’re looking to try something new. The company offers full spectrum tinctures, concentrates, edibles, and super-boosted powders in their category of kratom extracts. Due to the rarity of kratom-infused edibles on the market, their gummies and dark chocolates frequently command attention.

Kratom Temple Canada Discount Codes and Prices

Kratom Temple Canada has fairly priced options on the brand’s line-up, despite the fact that their items aren’t the most inexpensive you’ll find. Their powders can cost up to $201.99 per kilogramme and $13.99 for each ounce. Their trial packs cost $59.99 or $39.99, and their blends are only $14.99 per ounce.

Final Review of Kratom Temple

Kratom Temple Canada, despite not having the lowest pricing and receiving some unfavourable reviews, Kratom Temple Canada emerges as one of the more dependable kratom suppliers in their market.

The seller offers an intriguing selection of goods that appeal to curious customers, including kratom-infused treats you would not find elsewhere. Additionally, you can be certain that every purchase will provide you with a reason to keep returning because they have a strong rewards programme in place.

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