Madam Kratom Canada

Madam Kratom Canada

One of the oldest long-running Kratom retailers in Canada has been Madam Kratom since 2011. Initially, it wasn’t a big hit. Madam Kratom took years to spread from Montreal, Quebec, to the rest of Canada. Only in Southeast Asia is Kratom available, and Madam Kratom imports its kratom supply from an independent provider in Indonesia.

What varieties does Madam Kratom Canada offer?

The choice of Mitragyna speciosa by Madam Kratom is adequate. It is not as extensive as Canada Kratom Express, but neither is it limited. The business strives to supply the highest-quality, responsibly derived Kratom. They probably don’t have a very wide selection because of this. From their website, you may see the following:

Red, White, and Green on Hulu
Green Horn: Green and White, Red White, and Maeng Da: (Madam Kratom exclusive)
Red Borneo, Green Kapuas
As of August 2019 at Madam Kratom, the Green Kapuas, the custom kilogramme deal, and the 300g custom variety pack are the three most popular items. Based on your goals, you can pick from a range of kratom strains. Moreover, they have 400g and 600g.

What is Madam Kratom Canada’s cost?

Prices for Madam Kratom products are determined by the strain and by weight or quantity.

The Hulu (all strains) is the cheapest variety of Kratom, costing $9.50 for 25g and $145 for 1kg. The following strains cost $11.95 for 25g and $159.95 for 1kg, respectively. The starting price for horn strains is $13.45 for 25g and $179.95 for a kilo. At $13.95 for 25g and $216.95 for a kilo, the Kapuas is the most expensive option.

You should keep an eye on the cost of custom variety packs. Each strain you add will raise the cost of your order; there are no fixed costs. Take the 400g bespoke variety pack as an example. The beginning price is shown there as being $106.64.

What shipping and payment does Madam Kratom Canada offer?

You must enter both billing and shipping information at the checkout once you’ve put all of your items in the cart and made your decision to buy. Following that, you can choose your chosen shipping method, which may be:

Orders placed with Madam Kratom are always delivered for free, and orders under $60.00 are sent via lettermail through Canada Post. The delivery time for your item is between 3 and 30 days, and there is no tracking number provided.

XpressPost Upgrade:

For an additional $13, you can get speedier delivery. Xpress post is a free upgrade for orders above $80. Depending on where you are, it could take 1-4 days for your order to get there.


Please Note: Madam Kratom does not seem to be operating anymore.


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